What is parenting? Perfection vs. Flaws

What is parenting? Perfection vs. Flaws

Parenting is a significant matter. So, what is parenting? Child rearing or parenting is the process of supporting all aspects of kids’ life. These include physical, financial, social, intellectual, and emotional growth. Parents should support their kids from infancy to later life. Parenting also refers to the phases of raising a kid aside from the biological connection.

Biological parents become the most common warden in parenting. Others can also be the caretaker including family friends, family members, grandparents, legal guardians, etc. Not to mention the society and governments have a role in parenting as well. In some cases, abandoned or orphaned kids receive parental care from strangers.

Should Parents be perfect?

Other kids may be raised and adopted in an orphanage or foster care. The fact is that parenting skills vary. Those with good child rearing skills are called as good parents. The question is whether everyone should be perfect parents or not.

Most people feel depressed as they can do the best for their kids. They see their kids’ failure as theirs. This is a wrong assumption. There are no such perfect parents. The best thing to do is to accept the imperfections. That doesn’t mean they need to give up on trying to progress. Parents only need to accept that they aren’t good at several things.

Being depressed on themselves because of their flaws can prevent them from moving forward. Women or moms definitely have such kind of issue. The only solution is to accept the flaws in parenting.

So, what is parenting? It’s the way parents give the best for their kids. Just because they need to do the best, doesn’t mean they must be perfect. Being at peace with imperfections make them feel happier and more confident. Most people feel insecure about their parenting. Moreover, it bothered them so much.

Just Let It Go

Feeling discouraged and down isn’t a great thing. Here’s the fact, they must realize that perfect parenting isn’t going to be an option for them. They shouldn’t even worry about all those imperfections. That means they need to quit thinking about it. They will be busy raising your kids so that you shouldn’t think hard about perfection.

After all, dwelling on their imperfections kills all the fun of parenthood. Instead, they need to learn how to be effective parents gradually. Everything gets better as long as they involve love in parenting. They also need to focus on their strengths instead of weaknesses.

In summary, no one can be a perfect parent. Kids have weaknesses. So do parents. There’s no sense in feeling down about them. So, what is parenting? It’s the way how to fulfill kids’ necessities either in physical or psychological terms.

When it comes to imperfections in parenting, they need to let it go. They can’t master in the whole things, after all. What they can do is to focus on their strengths and build a better relationship with their kids. The fact is that improvement won’t happen if they feel depressed. On the other hand, they can be effective parents when they have some confidence and happiness