Parenting Advice for 0-2 Year Olds – Things You Should Know

Parenting Advice for 0-2 Year Olds

New parents face many challenges when it comes to parenting. At the early phase, they need a parenting advice for 0-2 year olds. Remember, media has significant effects on your kids’ life. Not to mention it affects their emotional, social, and physical development. As a parent, you need to determine what activities and content are best matched for your kids.

Even you rely on experts’ guides, kids mature and grow differently. Each individual is actually different. Still, you need to learn how to be a good parent for your kids regardless of the age. This article would be a little help for you.

The Child Development

So what’s really going on at ages 0 – 2? First of all, it’s all about cognitive development. Toddlers and babies learn and explore their world using all five senses. At these ages, they enjoy repetition. The best things to do are to read them books and play songs.

They also get excited to with cause and effect. When they are 2 years old, they are interested in some simple games. They enjoy naming objects around them including animals. Yet, they have limited attention spans. That means they can be distracted easily by technology such as apps, TV, and much more.

Basically, all parents need to look for a parenting advice for 0-2 year olds. As mentioned earlier, your kids can’t focus well during that age. They are quite sensitive to noises and bright colors. Since they love being read, you should buy some interesting books and read these for them. Not to mention your kids will imitate actions.

They often get scared as they can’t differentiate what’s fantasy and what’s real. When they are 1 year old, they hear what you say. They try to learn the words meaning. Plus, they try to mimic your words. In the next year, they start growing vocabularies.

Further Discussion

What’s next? You must be concerned with their emotional and social development. At the age of 1 year old, your kids can understand basic emotions. This is the best time to develop stronger connections with them. They are afraid of strange objects, places, and even stranger. In the next year, they tend to play alone. They also enjoy playing next to other kids.

It’s called a parallel play. One thing, they often experience rapid mood swings. They, in fact, have problems with rules. Needless to say, they are quite egocentric and seek for attention from adults. You should understand this.

When it comes to physical development, your babies start cruising and crawling at the age of 1 year old. As a matter of fact, they can manipulate and hold objects. They do it awkwardly, though. At the age of 2, they start walking and running. They are able to grasp objects and stack blocks. Therefore, you need to provide some toys for them. Technology can be either a problem or virtue. You should limit what they can use.

The fact is that you can’t keep them away from screen easily. It’s better to bring them outside and engage with people. This is one of the best choices of a parenting advice for 0-2 year olds.