Good Parenting Advice from the Professionals

Good Parenting Advice from the Professionals

Not all parents are good in parenting. If you are new in parenting, you are in troubles. Are you looking for good parenting advice and tips ? Many experts have shared their experiences when it comes to parenting. You can easily learn from them.

Here are several things that you should know.

1. Positivism

Creating a positive atmosphere is vital. It helps your kids build confidence. On the contrary, constant criticism ruins their self-esteem. You must focus on their accomplishments instead of mistakes. Kids are sensitive to negativities and angry voices. They can easily get distressed when they are growing up. At the first time, it’s hard to be a positive parent. Yet, you are getting better gradually.

2. The 3Fs

A good parenting should involve fun, firmness, and fairness. This is a checklist from an expert. It’s to make sure that you have a total control in the house. Firmness is about limitations. Your kids will learn good things and bad things from it. Fairness is about steadiness and how you treat all your kids. When it is about fun, you need to create fun inside the house. Overall, you need to balance these three aspects so you can feel more confident with your job as a parent.

3. Outdoor Activities

Technology can be either a ruin or build the kids. Spending too much time in front of a computer isn’t a good thing, for sure. Instead, you need to bring your kids outside. Adventures and playing outdoor games help them achieve freedom. Not to mention these give you headspace. You bring your kids to the nearest park or playground. It’s really a good parenting advice.

4. Kids’ Point of View

All parents should give the room for their kids’ opinions or point of view. In fact, children also have reasoned arguments about something. If you give them the chance to show their opinions, they will see you as a reasonable human being. Not to mention it teaches them pitching and negotiation skills. They will learn that rational arguments are better than shouting or screaming.

5. Being Calm in the Chaos

Needless to say, kids often create chaos at home. The best solution is to manage the problems. You aren’t allowed to get angry, after all. Your kids are watching and they are judging you. If they make some messes, you need to stay ultra-calm. It’s indeed difficult, but you must learn it. Calmness is the best cure for chaos.

6. Nothing is Flawless

Most of you have a wrong assumption when it comes to parenting. You always want to be a perfect parent. That means you aren’t happy if you do something below your standard. Instead of thinking too much about it, you need to spend more time with your kids. Your efforts are good enough for them. You need to develop this mindset.


If you lack experiences in parenting, you may face lots of problems. Getting a good parenting advice from professionals help you cope with such matters. It will be difficult at the first time. Everything gets better over time, though. If needed, you can join a parenting program or education. It costs you some money, but you can be a better parent with it.