Choosing the Right Parenting Program

Choosing the Right Parenting Program

Each parent has a different kind of parenting program or style. What about you? The kind of discipline you use has a significant effect on your kids’ development. Using proper strategies have positive impacts on the relationship between them and you. Not to mention various discipline approaches can influence their temperament and mood as they are entering the adulthood.

According to researchers, there are 4 different types parenting program. You can choose them based on your needs.


It’s suitable for those who love to lead. You establish the rules and your kids must follow them. That means the children have no involvement in obstacles and challenges. You have a total control over them. The kids must follow all the rules without exception. They can’t even ask or challenge the rules. There’s only tiny room for any negotiations.

In this program, you use more punishments instead of penalties. What is the benefit? Kids can follow the rules better as they grow up. Not to mention they can develop self-esteem. What about the downside? The kids can be aggressive sometimes. It’s because they get punished often. They focus on being angry instead of learning from their mistakes.

Permissive Parenting

As the name implies, you won’t offer many disciplines. That means you become tolerant to your kids. You only involve when there’s a significant problem. There are only some consequences for bad behaviors. It’s because you think that kids can learn from mistakes.

Using permissive parenting program, you have a friend role instead of a parent role. You encourage your kids and talk with them about their problems. However, they tend to have problems at school. It’s because they don’t appreciate authority like other kids. Plus, they often have lots of sadness and low self-esteem. What do you think? Do you want to use this kind of parenting program?

Authoritative Program

It’s quite similar to an authoritarian program. You create the rules and you expect the kids to follow them. However, you have some exceptions. You need to tell your kids the reasons for the instructions. You also need to consider their feelings when establishing rules. Not to mention you must use penalties or consequences instead of punishments.

Positive consequences help your kids develop good behavior. Kids raised with this discipline are more successful and happy. They can evaluate safety risks and make decisions on their own. They grow up as responsible adults. They can also express their opinions comfortably. You are able to build a better relationship with your kids.

Determining the Best Choice

Each of you has different preferences when it comes to choosing a kind of parenting program. Whatever it is, you should be involved. Neglected parents don’t meet their kids’ basic necessities and expect them to raise themselves. If you are uninvolved, your kids will have lots of life problems.

In fact, you don’t even know your kids’ life. Your kids won’t receive any guidance or nurturing. Without a proper parenting program, your kids tend to perform poorly at school. They also lack self-esteem. When choosing a discipline strategy, you must think what your kids want to learn. This way, you can help them grow better.